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Written by admin on November 16th, 2010
Atlanta Wall Covering & Interior Painting Atlanta Wall Covering & Interior Painting
Written by admin on October 11th, 2010
Question by Smokie: Help with painting my home interior? My fiance and I are painting the interior of our new home. The problem is that I like neutral or warm colors, and he likes the cool, icy colors. What do I do? I'm trying to figure out a way to make ...
Written by admin on August 29th, 2010
Interior Painting Tips That Improve Painting Performance If you are planning to repaint a room in your home, consider changing the colors. This can give a greater sense of change and satisfaction. Nothing can improve the overall ...
Written by admin on August 28th, 2010
Interior Painting ? Restoring and Refreshing Statically speaking I think its safe to say that the majority of the population has most likely undertaken the task of interior painting at some point within their life.
Written by admin on August 14th, 2010
Interior Painting Ideas to Improve Unity of Color I am often asked by homeowners planning interior painting for their home, if it is correct to paint the trim in a particular room a different color than the ...
Written by admin on July 17th, 2010
How to Paint Your House: A Guide to Interior Painting
Written by admin on May 23rd, 2010

Written by admin on May 22nd, 2010
Interior Painting: Adding a Touch of 'you' Into the Room In home decoration and design interior paint is considered among the most essential element in setting the mood of any room.  Typically new or pre-owned homes in ...
Written by admin on May 7th, 2010
Things to Consider when Interior Painting A huge number of homeowners spend tens and hundreds of thousands just to bring out the best in their interior.  But with the economic condition and the long-running New York housing ...
Written by admin on February 25th, 2010
Splash Some Color Into Your Home and Life Through Interior Painting Colors do make life a lot more attractive, livelier and simply vibrant.  Your everyday hectic New York life could use some refreshing change and nothing beats ...